DAO House was built to establish IRL members clubs for Web3 degens. These hubs of culture, connected through the common bond of delicious cocktails and degenerate JPEG-buying behaviour will serve as gathering places to foster innovation in crypto and art, as well as introduce people to their new favourite martini (and maybe the future of the internet.)

Also core to this mission is onboarding amazing artists who have yet to discover web3 as well as those who want to join the party but live outside major cities with DAO Houses. To provide a more inclusive DH experience, we’re thrilled to announce the DAO House Friends PFP, a virtual membership to DH.

Mint a Friend

Free Mint

10,000 total

Art + Utility

DAO House Friends PFP will combine art with utility that enables global degens to be part of DH from afar, virtually. We’re partnering with a well established Web2 artist to launch their first NFT. This unique, digitally native artwork will offer owners access to the DAO House community, exclusive collaborations with creators, future drops, and a piece of NFT art history.

This PFP, along with subsequent DH Friends drops, will be fully commissioned works of art. Artists will receive their day rate during creation plus a percentage of mint and secondary sales. We’re going to focus on Web2 artists. We’re going to focus on converting and onboarding Web2 world, while showcasing the power of Web3.


I am already a DAO HOUSE Gen 0 Holder. Do I get anything?

Yes, you will receive first access to the free mint

What does my digital membership get me?

DAO HOUSE believes it is the responsibility of those already building in Web3 to bring more people to the table, regardless of where they live. Our PFP is the first example of that. We have worked with an established character designer on the project. We will continue to onboard creators to web 3 in exchange they will have a launching pad and wide distribution for their art, while DAO HOUSE members will preferential access to their collections.

Will my digital membership get me access to IRL clubs?

No, the PFP will act as digital memberships only.

Is there a Discord?

Yes, DAO HOUSE Friends NFT will unlock access to members-only sections of the Discord.

How are you paying artists?

Commissions for creating their works plus a percentage of mint sales plus a percentage of secondary sales. This is the model we believe most fairly compensates artists commensurate with their effort and output and is the model that will endure for future drops.